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“ETEK LTD” Scientific and Production Company

“ETEK LTD” Scientific and Production Company has been a successful worker in the market of water protection technologies since 1991. Its activities are aimed at solving problems in the designing, construction and reconstruction of water supply and sanitation systems. Over the years of its existence “ETEK LTD" company has built up a production and material base, acquired considerable experience in terms of technological and design solutions that we are continuously improving, applying in our work. Years of experience in design ensure that our customers use reliable and tested technical solutions, enjoy the highest level of project implementation, and have the advantage of using the most modern technology and equipment. Our experts are relying on the latest technologies of natural and waste water treatment, a combination of traditional and innovative water treatment technologies.

The advantages of being partners with “ETEK LTD”:

A comprehensive approach in solving various problems in the field of water supply and water disposal.
  • Examination of treatment facilities and water conditioning facilities.
  • Designing a full complex of facilities for water supply and water disposal.
  • Construction of new treatment facilities.
  • Planning activities for reconstruction and enhancement of the work of currently active facilities.
  • Manufacturing equipment for water supply and water disposal systems.
  • Startup-setup operations, warranty and post-warranty service.
  • Shipment of equipment and facilities for water supply and water disposal systems produced by domestic and foreign manufacturers.

Quality products and services.
High-technology production, quality materials, quality control at every stage. The activities, production, technologies and products of “ETEK LTD” Scientific and Production Company are verified by relevant patents, certificates, SRO (self-regulatory organization) competency certificates.

Strong team
Our staff today is unique in potential, vast experience and advanced technologies. Our employees receive regular training which provides them with the ability to give you any consultation in solving issues of water treatment.
Power of competence.
Our solutions are based on the many years of experience, well-tried technologies and unending search for innovations.
Power of responsibility.
Partner relationships with our Customers are the core of our success. Each team member’s personal responsibility is of utmost importance.
Power of diversity.
Our broad production program and large amount of services meet the requirements of our Customers to the full.