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Attached biotic community carriers (Biological filling)

“KONTUR” porous and fibrous element

The porous and fibrous element of biological filling (“KONTUR”) is designed to be used as volumetric filling at secondary treatment facilities in order to enhance the quality of treatment up to the requirements to water bodies used for fishing.KONTUR porous and fibrous element
“KONTUR” elements are installed into standard cartridges 1060х980 mm in size. The height of one-level cartridge is only limited by the length of the “KONTUR” element, that is, 2000 mm max (excluding cartridge supports). There are one-level and two-level cartridges. Two-level cartridge execution is an option, as well as mounting elements with a special-purpose caproic bandage.
In order to ensure filling’s efficient work aeration and regeneration system is required.

Using biological filling at secondary treatment facilities will:
  1. Enhance the quality of treatment according to biological oxygen consumption, ammonium nitrogen and suspended substances.
  2. Significantly improve cleaning from hardly oxidized organic substances (synthetic surfactants, oil products, etc).
Technical data:
  • Element dimensions:
    • Length, max, mm – up to 2000±10
    • Circumscribed circle diameter, mm - 100±15
    • Generating fiber diameter, micron - 150...300±20
  • Generating facets porosity, % - 40÷70
  • Weight of one element, kg - 0,5±0,05
  • Adhesion surface (theoretical), m²/running meter – up to 1,1