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Polyethylene pipes and fittings

Polyethylene pressure pipes (GOST 18599-2001)

Polyethylene pressure pipes are used for household water supply, process pipelines, non-pressure and storm sewages, pipelines for aggressive liquids and gases transportation.

Polyethylene pressure pipes have the following features:
  • durability;
  • corrosion stability and resistance to overgrowing while in service;
  • environment-friendly and hygienically safe;
  • low thermal conductivity;
  • stability of water tastiness;
  • resistance to mechanical shocks.

Polyethylene non-pressure pipes with a tapered thread

Polyethylene non-pressure pipes with a tapered thread are used for pipe driving installation and replacement of the worn-out steel, cast iron, asbestos sewage pipes without destroying road surface, engineering communications and landscaping.

Technical data:
  • Outer diameter, mm - 63...315;
  • Wall thickness, mm - 9,1...28,6;
  • Pipe length, mm - 600...2000;
  • Thread length, mm - 90…140;
  • Pipe weight, kg - 2,6…52,4.


  • Thread stoppers and connections;
  • Polymer T-joints and knees;
  • Adjustable mounting elements;
  • Flanges.

Non-stock products

  • Collection and distribution headers;
  • Air ducts;
  • Air-feeding modules.