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Aeration systems

“POLIPOR” tube aeration systems

“POLIPOR” pneumatic aerator is designed for aeration of household, industrial, storm sewage and waste water at treatment facilities of varying capacity, as well as compact installations, biological treatment plants.
POLIPOR aeration systems
POLIPOR aeration tube

     The aerator consists of a perforated polymer tube framework with threaded trailers, which have mating inner and outer threads. The framework is covered with two layers of polymer coating by means of pneumatic extrusion.
     The first layer (macroporous) is aimed at even air distribution along length of the module.
The second layer (finely porous) is aimed at air dispersion. This layer combination provides for small-bubble air dispersion in the liquid.
Features of “POLIPOR” aerators:
  1. Provision of small-bubble aeration;
  2. Provision of even and smooth mixing of silt mixture throughout the whole volume of the aeration tank;
  3. Even air distribution in the aeration tank;
  4. High mass exchange number;
  5. Wastewater separation efficiency enhancement while saving electricity;
  6. Active silt sedimentation characteristics increase;
  7. Resistance to hydro- and aerodynamic shocks;
  8. Chemical and corrosion stability;
  9. Simple and easy mounting and element replacement.

Technical data:
  • Outer diameter, mm - 80/130/180±3
  • Inner diameter, mm - 56/98/140±3
  • Length, mm - 500...2000±5
  • Weight of one aerator (1 meter long), kg - 1,36/3,25/6,01±10%
  • Pressure loss in aerator with air consumption rate from 15 to 50 m³/h, mm of water – 80...200
  • Optimal conveyance capacity, m³/(h,m) - 5-15/15-25/25-40
  • Bubble size, mm - 2-2,5
“POLIPOR” tube aeration systems