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Attached biotic community carriers (Biological filling)

"POLYPORTER" volumetric filling

Poliporter is a volumetric fillingPoliporter volumetric filling with the structure presented by the combination of “KARKAS” and “POLIVOM” elements. “POLIPORTER” is a biological waste water treatment device and serves as a carrier for anaerobic and aerobic bacteria immobilization, widely used as a bioreactor filling for industrial and household waste water treatment. Biological filling carriers of this type are not deformed, resist sticking together and do not require a separate regeneration system. At the same time, they have a well-developed adhesion surface. The block’s feature is that it may be produced in various configurations. The basic parameters, “POLIPORTER” block size and the quantity of its elements are defined individually.

It allows:
  • to decrease percentage of metal in the construction of carriers;
  • to use a floating biological filling;
  • to enhance their process abilities.