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Sluice gate

Sluice gate
Sluice gate
Designed for water flow regulation in the open channels of treatment facilities (one-directional hydrostatic pressure). May be produced with an electric drive or a manual shutter displacement. Manual gate displacement is provided for in the sluice gate with an electric drive as well, in case of a power-off. Sluice gate assembly consists of a built-up frame, sluice gate and a drive. The framework is made of a metal shape, holding polymer guides and rubber seals inside. The sluice gate is made of a sheet. The material: corrosion-resistant steel (stainless) and carbon construction steel. The gates are designed and produced according to TU specifications and conform to GOST and SNiP requirements, adapted for working at active water supply and water disposal facilities.

  1. Manual and electromechanical drive;
  2. Seal tightness;
  3. Construction reliability;
  4. Maintainability.