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Mechanical step screens

These screens are designed for quality treatmentMechanical step screensof household and industrial sewage, removal of impurities (waste solids) from it before supplying the water to treatment facilities. The high filtration efficiency of step screens is achieved by the reduced screen spacing (2-5 mm). Besides, the filtration quality is enhanced due to the additional filtering layer consisting of waste solids that is naturally formed on the steps of the screen. An extra advantage of such screens is their ability to remove fibrous particles.
The operating principle is that the sewage is passed through two interlaced sets of stepped lamellae. One of the sets is mobile, it moves back and forth in relation to the fixed lamellae. During the process the screened particles are brought up the steps of the screen in order to be discharged to a container or a conveyer for further transportation.
Working modes: cyclical, continuous and sensor-controlled. The parameters for the cyclical working mode and the sensor-controlled mode may be adjusted in a wide range depending on the mode of waste water intake. This is ensured by the electronic control unit based on microprocessors.

  1. High waste water treatment quality in respect of mechanical and fibrous waste solids;
  2. Reliability;
  3. Automation of all working modes;
  4. Effectiveness;
  5. Easy to install and use.