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“POLIDEF” drainage and distributional systems

“POLIDEF” drainage and distributional systems are used indrainage and distributional systems quick non-pressure filters at water conditioning plants and secondary treatment facilities, in pressure filters at water conditioning plants and water softening facilities.
The most safe and environment-friendly material today is high density and low density polyethylene, which is what “POLIDEF” drainage filters of all types and diameters are made of. We design filters of all types and systems for water supply of both industrial enterprises and housing and community objects.
     The reliable and rigid structure of the filter is achieved by the use of a perforated polymer tube as the load-bearing frame. The filtering layer is porous and fibrous; the size of pores is 150-300 micron.POLIDEF drainage and distributional systems The quantity of drainage system elements and their diameters, as well as the porosity of the filtering layer, is defined individually for every filter. The system is easy to install and the customer is able to carry out these works with ease, following our instructions.

The facilities equipped by “POLIDEF” drainage filters have the following features:
  1. Even water distribution while cleaning and filtering.
  2. Ensuring the set rate of cleaning and optimal filtering cycle parameters.
  3. No supporting layers.
  4. Prolonged service life of the filter.
  5. No filling ejection when filtering.
  6. Resistant to hydro- and aerodynamic shocks, aggressive environments.
  7. Durability and high stability.
Technical data:
  • Outer diameter, mm - 75/122/172±3
  • Inner diameter, mm - 56/98/140±3
  • Length, mm - 500...2000±5
  • Permissible pressure when cleaning, max – up to 50 m of water
  • Conveyance capacity, l/s m - 3...5
  • Minimum sand particle size screened by the drainage element, mm - 0,3
  • Porosity of the evaporated layer, % - 40...65
  • Evaporated fiber diameter, micron - 150÷300
  • Weight of one filter (1 meter long), kg - 1,25/3,0/5,4±10%

For pressure clarification filters we offer tube polymer distributional system without evaporated layer to serve as the upper distributional device realizing even distribution along the section of the original water and flushing water collection. A distinctive feature of our distributional systems is the ability to position the holes according to the customer’s needs. If used in contact clarifiers, polymer tube distributional system will ensure even distribution of the flushing water over the whole facility area.