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“BIOKOMS” sewage treatment facilities of block-modular type

Fine biological cleaning sewage treatment BIOKOMS sewage treatment facilities of block-modular typefacilities of block-modular type consist of individual modules assembled depending on the volume and composition of the incoming water and requirements to its treatment. Local treatment facilities are designed for treating household sewage and water with similar composition to the parameters permitted for discharge of sewage into water bodies used for fishing. Used for fine biological cleaning sewage treatment in small-sized villages, cottage settlements, health-improving and medical facilities, etc. Block-modular installations require less area, prove to be simple in maintenance, shorten communications between separate installations to the minimum.

List of compact fine biological cleaning waste water treatment facilities of block-modular type:
  1. Mechanical cleaning block.
  2. Biological cleaning block.
  3. Secondary treatment block and UV-disinfection of waste water.
  4. Sediment handling block.
  1. Enhanced efficiency of output flow cleaning from biogenic substances.
  2. Less silt generated.
  3. Full biological self-regulation.
  4. High intensity of processes.
  5. Good resistance of biotic communities to peak loads and oscillations.
  6. Smaller built-up area.
  7. Significant decrease of service time and need for qualified personnel.
  8. Expansion abilities.
  9. Minimum expenses for sediment and silt utilization.
  10. Lower energy consumption;
  11. High production quality and completeness, durability;
  12. Compact treatment facilities.

BIOKOMS sewage treatment facilities of block-modular type