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Airlift is Airlifta device designed for lifting liquid by means of compressed air, and for elimination of damp sediment from the initial sedimentation tanks, excess silt from the secondary sedimentation tanks and active silt circulation. Airlifts may be used for other purposes as well (water and drain transmission, transmission of aggressive liquids in reagent plants, etc.).

Airlifts have the following features:
  1. Resistance of airlift’s air-mixing unit’s (atomizer’s) holes to overgrowing.
  2. Completely dismountable threaded construction.
  3. Easy to install and dismantle when building and reconstructing facilities, as well as when conducting preventive works.
  4. Chemical stability.
  5. Durability.
Technical data:
  • Silt-lifting pipe diameter, mm - 63/110/160
  • Water separator and air-mixing unit diameter, mm - 160/225/225
  • Air intake pipe diameter, mm - 20…25/20…50/32…63
  • Optimal efficiency, m3/hour - 1...10/10...50/50…100