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Attached biotic community carriers (Biological filling)

“POLYVOM” porous and fibrous material

Porous and fibrous material (“POLYVOM”) is designed to be used as planar filling to intensify aeration tanks functioning in order to increase contaminations oxidation rate and to achieve the required quality of water purification.
POLYVOM porous and fibrous material
Mounting “POLYVOM” sheets is realized into standard cartridges 1020х1010х2800mm in size (including cartridge supports). If necessary, the cartridge may have two levels.

“POLYVOM” porous and fibrous material has the following features:
  1. Increases biological cleaning plant efficiency by 25...40%.
  2. Enhances output flow cleaning from hardly oxidized organic substances (synthetic surfactants, oil products, etc).
  3. Improves structure resistance to volleys and thermal oscillations.
  4. Provides for nitrification process.
  5. Decreases chances of active silt “inflation”.
  6. Slows down free-floating active silt increment.
  7. Does not require regeneration.
Technical data:
  • Sheet size, mm - up to 2000х2000±20
  • Sheet thickness, mm - 4 … 15±1
  • Generating fiber diameter, micron - 300...500
  • Porosity, % - up to 90
  • Relative density, kg/m³ - 100 … 350
  • Specific surface area (theoretical) m²/m³ - up to 3000

Our company produces various modifications of “POLYVOM” material:
  • "POLYVOM-U" – porous and fibrous material with localized layer bulges appearing as a band in places where the sheets are fixed in the cartridge. Feature high mechanical strength when used in waste water treatment facilities.
  • "POLYVOM-MT" – porous and fibrous material with a rigid net-shaped framework additionally inserted into its body. Standard cartridge size: 1000х650х2400mm (including cartridge supports).

Features of “POLIVOM-MT” biological filling:
  1. Provides high quality waste water treatment from phosphates and organic compounds.
  2. Creates optimal conditions for attaching nitrifying microorganisms.
  3. Increases specific rate of biological oxidation of contaminations, due to corrosive currents generated in contacting areas of metal and biological mass.
  4. To be installed into aerobic bioreactor zones.
  5. Does not require regeneration.

Technical data:
  1. Sheet size, mm - 2000х1000±20
  2. Sheet thickness, mm - 8;10±2
  3. Generating fiber diameter, micron - 300...500;
  4. Porosity, % - up to 85;
  5. Specific surface area (theoretical), m²/m² - up to 2500-3000.