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Aeration systems

     Economic. Reliable. Best strength characteristics among the existing analogues. Durable.

Drainage filters

“POLIDEF” drainage filter

     Universal application to drainage and distributional systems of any type and construction.

“POLIDEF-VV” water-air-cleaned drainage filter

     “POLIDEF-VV” double-purpose system (water-air) is designed for water collection and distribution.

Treatment facilities of block-modular type

“BIOKOMS” sewage treatment facilities of block-modular type

Attached biotic community carriers

     Intensify biochemical processes in biological sewage treatment for any contamination degree. We offer a full range of products.

Well tube filters

     Pure water all the time and prolonged service life for pumping equipment.

Sluice gates

Sluice gate

     Regulates fluid flow in open channels of treatment facilities.

Mechanical screens

     Quality treatment of household and industrial sewage, removal of impurities.

Sedimentation tank equipment

     Enhances the working quality of sedimentation tanks. Effectively speeds up water sedimentation process. Ensures minimal service costs:

Polyethylene pipes and fittings

     To increase stability and prolong service life of water supply and water disposal pipelines we suggest a simple solution:
  • High-density polyethylene pipes (GOST standard 18559-2001)
  • Threaded modules for non-pressure sewage, installed by pipe driving
  • Pipes for well filter columns
  • Fittings and connectors

Production and process equipment

  • Plants (installations) for biological sewage treatment
  • Pumps
  • Mixers
  • Mechanical screens
  • Blast units
  • Filter-presses
  • UV installations
  • Welding equipment for polyethylene pipes
  • Control and measuring devices