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Toothed drain edge

Toothed drain edges areToothed drain edge designed for the alignment of overflow crest to the horizon at distributional and composite devices (grooves, trays, etc.) for capacitive water supply and sewage facilities.
Drain edge is a polymer sheet structure, executed in the shape of a band, the top verge of which has a toothed shape.

Toothed drain edge has the following features:
  1. Less sensitive to waves and mark differences in comparison to straight drains/.
  2. Elimination of possible errors during construction and installation works, as well as destructions of facilities surfaces during service.
  3. Improved water distribution along the length of the catch water tray.
  4. Low micro flora accretion.
  5. Chemical stability.
  6. Durability and high rigidity.
Technical data:
  • Drain length, mm – up to 2000
  • Height, mm - 250…400
  • Thickness, mm - 3…5
  • Tooth pitch, mm - 180…335
  • Load for 1 running meter of drain (in water), l/s – not more than 10

Semi-submersible board
Semi-submersible board is designed to prevent ejection of floating impurities (fats, floating waste solids, oil products) in the initial sedimentation tanks.
In order to keep floating impurities from getting into drain semi-submersible elements are mounted before the catch water trays. They represent polymer sheets with 5 mm width, 500 mm height.