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“POLIFILTR” well tube filter

“POLIFILTR” well tube filter is designed for the equipment of water intake part of the wells and water withdrawal from them in aquifer beds when sand-gravel-pebble deposits are present.POLIFILTR well tube filter
It may be used for household and industrial water supply wells. During the filtration deformations of the filtering layer are excluded, as well as its tearing from the polymer framework, contamination of the space between the tube and the porous layer. Depending on the granulometric composition of the aquifer particles, in order to prevent sanding of wells, we produce filters with an optimal porosity of the filtering layer. We produce well tube filters of various diameters, filtering part sizes, duty factor. Besides over-filter columns, we also produce case pipes for wells of maximum depth 30-40 meters of high-density polyethylene. The elements of the well tube filter (sedimentation tank, filter, over-filter column) are connected by thrust tapered threads.

“POLIFILTR” well tube filter has the following features:
  1. The protective and filtering coating prevents aquifer soil particles from getting into the well;
  2. No crystallization centers (Fe2+);
  3. Possibility of regeneration of the well tube filter (mechanical and chemical);
  4. Resistance to hydro- and pneumatic shocks, aggressive environments;
  5. Durability in comparison with metal analogues;
  6. Easy to install;
  7. Prolonged service life without regeneration.
Technical data:
  • Efficiency in pure water, m³/hour from a meter – up to 60
  • Inner diameter, mm - 98/144/199/280±5
  • Outer diameter (along the protective and guiding ring), mm - 132/182/251/341±3
  • Length of the element, mm - 500-2000±5
  • Evaporated fiber diameter, micron - 150-300
  • Framework duty factor, % - 20-30
  • Working inner pressure, mPa - 1,0-1,25
  • Axial compressive force, t - 4,5-10
  • Outer compressive force, kgf/sm² - up to 12