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Aeration systems

Disc (dish-shaped) aeration systems (DAS)

Designed for:
  1. Disc aeration systems are designed for continuous and cyclical aeration of household and industrial sewage while performing biological treatment and sediment mineralization.
  2. For both continuous and intermittent air feed systems, for chemical sedimentation processes or periodical aeration.
  3. For prevention of system contamination and biological accretion, as well as for smaller plants of sewage treatment.

The system is built of polymer materials.Disc (dish-shaped) aeration systems Dish-shaped aerator is characterized by high mass transfer degree for oxygen due to the optimal bubble size and air column ascension character. Provides for even mixing of the dissolved oxygen throughout the full volume of the aeration tank.
Disc aeration eliminates the necessity of water kick posts. Low energy consumption due to optimal airflow with working diffusers. Provides for maximum efficiency of useful aeration area.

Polymer aeration modules based on disc aerators (TU specifications 4859-227-10841261-08).

Diffusers’ membranes are made of synthetic rubber (EPDM). On customer’s request, fluoroplastic (PTFE) or fluorinated synthetic rubber (FEPDM) coating can be applied to the membranes to be used in treating “aggressive” wastewaters.
We produce aeration modules based on disc aerators both with anti-adhesive coating (PTFE) and without it, according to TU specifications 4859-227-10841261-08.