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Aeration systems

“POLIPOR-TPNG” mixing/regeneration system

Designed for:
  1. Removal of biological volatile organic compounds causing smells and odors from the treated water.
  2. Mixing waste water, waste water composition averaging and elimination of suspended material settling.
  3. Additional saturation of treated wastewater with oxygen before their disposal into the body of water.
  4. Mixing reagents with wastewater.
  5. Equipment regeneration systems (biological filling, thin layer sedimentation modules).

Parameters for the pipes of “POLIPOR-TPNG” mixing/regeneration systems are calculated for each customer individually. Installation is carried out as quickly as possible.
When using “POLIPOR-TPNG” mixing/regeneration system pipes low solution of oxygen in water is achieved, which provides for their use instead of mechanical mixers in anaerobic areas of aeration tanks. Still, it should be noted that its denitrification process efficiency is 25-45% lower than that of mechanical mixing.

For the systems proposed:
We will develop construction and project documentation, make all necessary calculations and define the optimal system parameters, carry out installation, provide service, warranty and post-warranty service.