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Thin layer sedimentation systems

Aimed at intensifying sedimentation processes and separation of suspended and colloidal particles from water. Can be applied in sedimentation tanks of all types, clarifiers, flocculation chambers, that use gravitation as the means of impurities separation.

“SOTEL” polymer modules

“SOTEL” polymer modules is an effective way of screening and settling particulate and fine pollutants. The construction of “SOTEL” PVC polymer modules provides for creating suitable conditions for settling of suspended substances following a shorter path. Polymer modules are mounted on the supporting structures of the facilities for sedimentation. Polymer modules can be produced in cartridges.


  • may be used for any method of treated water collection;
  • sedimentation time and tank area is decreased by up to 30%;
  • lower service costs due to the decreased filter loading;
  • sedimentation processes and separation of suspended and colloidal particles from water are intensified due to larger contacting surfaces;
  • the sediment effectively slides down the surface of the shapes.
SOTEL polymer modules

SOTEL thin layer sedimentation systems

Technical data for “SOTEL” polymer modules
shape thickness, mm1,5
sheet inclination angle, degrees60
shape pitch, mm45/107
cell size, mm135/205
length, mmup to 2000

High-density polyethylene thin layer modules


  • sedimentation effect enhancement, including fine pollutants;
  • improved efficiency and quality of clarified water;
  • sedimentation tanks are reduced in size several times for a new construction;
  • may be shipped assembled.
High-density polyethylene thin layer modules

Technical data for thin layer module
materialHigh-density polyethylene
shape thickness, mm4-5
sheet inclination angle, degrees60
spacing between sheets, mm50-100
maximum cell width, mm500
length, mmдо 2000