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Industrial and process equipment

Besides producing polymer equipment for water treatment and conditioning our company cooperates on a constant basis with a number of domestic and foreign enterprises, manufacturers and suppliers of equipment, used for water treatment and conditioning.
  • Pressure filters (band-type, membrane, frame) produced in Russia, Austria, Germany;
  • Mechanical screens produced in Russia, Germany, Sweden;
  • Control and measuring devices produced in Russia, USA, Canada;
  • Ultraviolet installations produced in Russia;
  • Pumps (vacuum, centrifugal) produced in Russia, Germany;
  • Turbo air-blasts and compressor equipment produced in Russia, Germany, Poland, Czech republic.
Equipment is offered at the manufacturers prices. Recommendations and selection of suitable equipment will be performed by “ETEK LTD” Scientific and Production Company experts and the manufacturer based on information sheets and the optimal solution of the task at hand.